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Join the Stuart Hinds Academy Inner Circle today to get access to exclusive members-only benefits to benefit you and your clients. The Inner Circle is designed to benefit massage therapists of all modalities. Master your craft with clinic-ready techniques and insights, strategies to help grow your business, and a community of supportive therapists just like you to help you on your journey. 

Learn clinic-ready techniques and earn industry-recognised CPE points with:

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15 Modules

Masterclass: Taping

Elevate your practice with the Stuart Hinds Academy Taping Masterclass! Discover how to safely and easily apply highly effective taping techniques for the most common muscle trigger point sites.

Harness the power of kinesiology tape to off-load tissues around trigger points, facilitating relief in vascular, nerve, and fascial areas. Expand your treatment toolkit significantly with these transformative techniques that help the elite, amateur and weekend warrior clients alike. 

Masterclass: Muscle Energy Techniques

This Masterclass equips you with the knowledge and techniques to assess muscle imbalances, restore joint function, and alleviate pain effectively.

By mastering MET, you will elevate your therapeutic practice plus expand your capabilities in treating athletes, individuals with chronic pain, and those seeking optimal performance.

Masterclass: Treating Frozen Shoulder

The Frozen Shoulder condition is one of the most debilitating conditions any hands-on practitioner can come across. Throughout this masterclass you will be guided through the different phases, classification, and all the underpinning knowledge you need to know when treating.

Masterclass: CMD

Gain comprehensive insights and practical skills in addressing Cervico-mandibular Dysfunction (CMD).

This masterclass explores the cervical approach, bruxism, jaw mechanics, trigger points, and associated muscles. Learn effective hands-on techniques and when to refer for further assessment.

Masterclass: Cupping

A comprehensive introduction to the safe and effective application of Vacuum Cupping for addressing soft tissue dysfunction. The course covers VC sequences for various body regions, addressing superficial fascial restrictions and contraindications.

You'll learn the sliding vacuum technique and its clinical application, which has become one of the most popular modalities in recent times.

Masterclass: High Performance Hip

Discover a game-changing masterclass on addressing soft tissue hip conditions. Developed through years of experience with elite athletes, this evidence-based protocol uses a simple 4-step assess and treat process.

It's great for athletes from Olympic to amateur levels and perfect for your lower limb athletes. A fantastic adjunct alongside the Sciatic and Knee masterclasses. 

Masterclass: Peripheral Nerve Entrapment

Uncover the intricacies of Peripheral Nerve Entrapment (PNE) with our comprehensive masterclass.

From cervical musculature to upper limb entrapment sites, learn to assess and treat with neurodynamic testing. Discover pseudo nerve entrapment trigger points which also need to be ruled in or out (can at times co-exist). Elevate your expertise and unlock new diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Masterclass: Sciatic

Discover comprehensive insights into sciatic condition. Learn to identify, assess, and address sciatic presentations, ruling out lumbar spine pathologies and learning where to refer when necessary. Explore peripheral nerve entrapments related to the sciatic condition.

Specifically designed for soft tissue therapists to assess and treat from a soft tissue perspective, a must have course to have in your toolbox. 

Masterclass: Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints the soft tissue therapist will see in their treatment rooms. Designed for hands-on therapists, learn advanced assessment and treatment techniques for various knee conditions. 

Dive into critical muscles, trigger points, and biomechanical factors to effectively manage knee pain. Address lateral and medial knee pain, patellofemoral dysfunction, and more. 

Modules for this course 15
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